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Long Term Care Pharmacy

Our Long Term Care Pharmacy provides maintenance medications to assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities.  It also provides custom compounding services, infusion therapies and nebulizer treatments.

Medication Supply

  • Accept most Medicare Part D plans with competitive pricing for "Donut Hole" drugs 
  • Unit dose medication packaging in several formats (Strips/Mulit-dose Cards/ Bingo Cards) 
  • Demand Fill, Auto-fill, & Cycle-fill refill processes 
  • Online reordering and delivery review (WebConnect) 
  • Free Medication delivery, including STAT or Emergent medications 
  • Weekend/ Holiday/ Emergency On Call services 
  • Educational Programs 

Clinical Pharmacy

  • E-MAR services available on request 
  • Customized Laser Medication records: MORs/ MARs, Treatment records, Controlled Substance logs 
  • Complete Educational Services and Programs available 
  • Consultant services available for Med room review, Med Cart review, Medication In-services, & Med Pass reviews as wells Resident chart reviews 
  • Reporting services such as Psychotropic Reports, Sedative/ Hypnotic Reports, Allergies etc. 
  • Fall risk assessments on resident Medication Profiles per request 
  • Online Printing of 30 day MOR/ MAR (WebConnect)