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Are you not wanting to wear you mask to bed due to comfort issues? 

Come to our clinic to find out how you can make your mask more comfortable. You may also be eligible for a new mask and not even know it!


Does my mask fit my face? How do you know if it fits properly? 

Bring your mask and equipment to the CPAP clinic and we'll check the fit, design and function of your mask to help you get the sleep you need. Let our respiratory therapist, Robin Smith, help you make the correct adjustments to your mask.


Are your CPAP supplies wearing down or dirty? 

You may be eligible for new supplies… if not there are ways to better the supplies you have. Having a clean CPAP is VERY important! Come find out the proper way to clean your CPAP!

You DO NOT have to be our patient to attend the clinic 

CALL (850)438-7600 X 107

EMAIL US AT: rt2@gulfmed.com